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Who We Are – the History of Azavar Government Solutions

Azavar Government Solutions maximizes funds for local government by specializing in electronic audits of utility cost and municipal franchise and tax revenues, delivered by our experienced audit team on a contingency fee basis.

We've been pioneering technology since 1996, the year of Azavar's foundation as a technology company solving complex problems through software and database development. 

The Genesis of Azavar Government Solutions

Azavar was founded by Jason Perry, who is now its President. His web experience began with the birth of the modern web browser Mosaic at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), he managed collaborative computing and distance learning environments using cutting-edge tools of the era, such as peer-to-peer communications technology, Lynx, TCP/IP, and Mosaic, as part of a program in collaboration with the NCSA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the UIUC Department of Mathematics, and Wolfram Research.

While this program evolved into web-delivered distance learning using websites as we now know them, back then it allowed people to collaborate on mathematical problems using applications such as the computational software program Mathematica (now known as the NetMath program at the University of Illinois) via Internet technologies – a revolutionary concept at the time.

This truly innovative venture landed Mr. Perry a position with Wolfram Research (developers of Mathematica), where he implemented sales and marketing programs to expand the company's success from higher education markets to secondary education markets and institutions.

Realizing the enormous potential of web technology, Mr. Perry decided to strike out on his own with the creation of Azavar in 1996. He brings his mathematical expertise to bear in the development of customized tools and software that parse and analyze big data, turning it into real information that municipalities can use to enhance their revenues and recover past, present, and future tax income.

Putting Technology at the Service of Local Government

Drawing on their unique technological expertise, Azavar began to evaluate large amounts of utility data for municipal clients to identify and correct tax remittance errors.  This effort grew to become Azavar Government Solutions, Inc., which was formed as a separate firm in 2006.  Azavar Government Solutions has conducted municipal utility cost, franchise fee and revenue audits on behalf of more than 100 Illinois local governments as well as local governments throughout the United States, including California, Michigan, and Missouri.

Through our strategic partnerships and development of our Expert Consultants Group, Azavar Government Solutions' consultants bring extensive revenue enhancement experience to the table, auditing regulated utilities on behalf of local governments.

Our services include auditing municipal franchises and taxes, utility taxpayers, hotel/motel taxpayers, sales taxpayers, and utility costs (electric, natural gas, telecommunications, waste, etc.).  Current communities served vary in size from populations as small as 500 to as large as 700,000 that include multiple facilities and services.  Azavar Government Solutions has returned over $12 million* to local government clients in refunds, credits, savings, and future revenues.

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* Based on 2011 estimates

Village of Woodridge Testimonial

Dec 19, 2012, 15:57 PM
Village of Woodridge
Testimonial author:
William Murphy, Mayor
“Azavar Government Solutions brought a one-of-a-kind and valuable service to Woodridge by auditing our utility taxpayers. They have been very successful in adding revenue to our rolls.”