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Leadership Team

Jason PerryPresident

Jason Perry leads Azavar Government Solutions in helping local governments maximize their revenues and reduce their costs through quality control of data-intensive income and expenses. From cultivating close working relationships with municipalities to the development of sophisticated geocoding software, Mr. Perry guides the Azavar team to double-digit growth every year.

Even before establishing Azavar Government Solutions and its sister company, Azavar Technologies, Mr. Perry used cutting-edge Internet tools to develop applications that evolved into modern-day websites. While working on his studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he also worked as a developer and manager of a large technology initiative.

Mr. Perry's interest and experience grew as he prepared to launch Azavar in 1996, seeing the enormous business potential of the Internet and the opportunity to help companies increase their competitive advantage.

Since the founding of Azavar Government Solutions as a separate firm in 2006, Mr. Perry has grown Azavar into a million-dollar operation based on solid value and customer service, headquartered in Chicago's downtown Loop. He has led municipal utility cost, franchise fee and revenue audits on behalf of more than 100 Illinois local governments as well as local governments throughout the United States, including California, Michigan, and Missouri.

Kathy HansenController

Kathy Hansen brings extensive experience and a broad range of management skills to her position as Controller of Azavar, drawing on a career which has embraced an entrepreneurial role as an independent business owner as well as administrative, accounting, and marketing experience.

Ms. Hansen has a confirmed record of improving the daily operations and expansion opportunities for several businesses. Her strong budget and cash management judgment, solid organizational and communication skills, and excellent problem-solving abilities have proved an asset in supporting Azavar's growth as a leading technology company.

City of Rock Island testimonial

Sep 27, 2013, 19:40 PM
City of Rock Island
Testimonial author:
John Thorson
“Our community will continue to benefit in the years to come from the ongoing revenues that were uncovered by Azavar Government Solutions' investigation.”