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Why Choose Azavar?

The Azavar Advantage

Your municipality needs to ensure that you are receiving all the monies to which you are entitled from taxpayers and revenue sources.

Azavar Government Solutions has conducted hundreds of audits for local governments across the country, helping them recover past, present, and future tax income and making a significant contribution to their municipal revenue.

Our electronic audits draw on a combination of unique technological expertise and a network of strategic partnerships that allow us to benefit from the specialist knowledge of our Expert Consultants Group. Azavar Government Solutions serves communities with populations ranging from as few as 500 residents to as many as 700,000, and we've returned over $12 million* to local government clients in refunds, credits, savings, and future revenues.

Key Strengths of Azavar Government Solutions

  • 500+ audits for over 100 local governments: we've delivered millions of dollars in aggregate cost savings and revenue enhancement to municipalities.  Many individual audits for each community cover the review of dozens of utility providers and thousands of accounts per audit.
  • Pioneering geography-based technology: our proprietary geocoding software allows us to parse through and validate millions of pieces of utility data with a higher degree of accuracy and at a more efficient pace than our competitors. 
  • Experience with large, industrial cities as well as smaller, rural communities: our unique and specialized experience in conducting complex audits has molded our utility auditing software and the tools to process millions upon millions of pieces of data.
  • Breadth of local experience: Azavar Government Solutions is uniquely familiar with localized revenue issues and the audit needs of growing regions, and we understand utility providers and municipal franchise and tax issues that occur with local taxpayers.
  • A contingency fee contract: Azavar Government Solutions conducts complete audits, even when the audit findings will result in no fee to our firm.  That means there is no risk to your community, and no up-front fees are required before the audit begins.
  • Maximizing Past AND Future Income: our audit process is designed to review and correct both past and future billings and revenues. If any past due monies are found to be due, the Azavar Government Solutions process is designed to handle collection of past due taxes and associated costs – thus maximizing more revenues than may be possible with any other audit firm. 
  • Access to extensive expert knowledge: we offer municipalities access to renowned local government, tax collection, and utility experts through our Expert Consultants Group – a resource that would otherwise be an up-front, out-of-pocket expense for your City.
  • No conflicts of interest: Azavar Government Solutions works exclusively with municipalities, thereby delivering a unique and beneficial service while avoiding the conflicts of interest that may arise with other audit firms who count commercial firms or utility providers among their clients. 

Local governments have a fiduciary duty to make sure taxes are collected evenly and equitably across the board – but most lack the resources to supervise how those taxes are being assessed, and end up relying on the utility providers themselves to submit information on how much they should be paid.

Make the Crucial Difference to Your Municipal Finances

Whether your budget is buckling or your house is in order, it’s essential to regulate your local finances.

Join the growing number of municipalities that are turning to Azavar Government Solutions to conduct an independent audit of utility taxpayers and help them reduce their costs and maximize their revenues – a vital strategy in today's economy.

* Based on 2011 estimates

City of Rock Island testimonial

Sep 27, 2013, 19:40 PM
City of Rock Island
Testimonial author:
John Thorson
“Our community will continue to benefit in the years to come from the ongoing revenues that were uncovered by Azavar Government Solutions' investigation.”