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Sales Tax Reviews

Sales Tax Reviews

Local governments across the country have been recovering lost income by conducting a professional revenue audit of utility, telecom and cable fees and taxes. But did you know that lost revenue from sales taxes can be uncovered as well?

Azavar Audit Solutions helps municipalities enhance their revenues by reviewing revenues from consumption-based taxes, including the general sales tax and excise taxes such as the use tax, taxes on hotel occupancy, motor fuels, alcohol and tobacco sales, and food and beverage.

Who Are the Businesses Who Sell in Your Community?

Currently, 45 states in the Union require retailers to add sales tax to transactions conducted within the state. Unfortunately, keeping accurate track of the monies due from sales taxes and the businesses that are or should be remitting these taxes can be a nightmarish task. Many municipalities just don't have the resources to monitor all local business development, shifting community boundaries, and changes in address data relative to state or business address lists.

With the explosion of Internet commerce, the situation has become a lot more complex. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, state and local governments stand to lose over $10 billion in sales taxes not collected by web retailers. As a result, many states have brought in legislation to address this issue, the so-called "Main Street Fairness Act".

But whether in online or offline commerce, the question remains: how does a municipality track correct remittance of sales tax revenues if a taxpayer bases its remittance calculations on incorrect address data?

Revenue Enhancement Through Specialized Address Audits

Keeping a check on a growing community's boundary changes, annexations and other geographic developments is one of the most important aspects of tax and fee revenue. Azavar Audit Solutions has pioneered geography-based audits for municipalities. We use specialized geocoding software to parse through millions of pieces of data in a matter of hours, identifying errors in geographic databases. This enables us to:

  • Standardize the format of address databases used to compute sales tax receipts.
  • Establish the most complete possible address lists.
  • Correct errors that plague address records.
  • Report back on lost revenue and determine outstanding monies owed.
  • Help you ensure that proper controls are in place to prevent the future miscoding of addresses.

Azavar Audit Solutions' clients have the huge benefit of being able to draw on the specialist expertise of our strategic network of partner consultants, who as a group bring more than 100 years of experience in local government audits. And by working together, our clients have new opportunities to achieve and sustain optimal levels compliance in sales tax collection, and can work together to share experience and best practices.

Our No-Risk Contingency Fee Policy

“It was a big advantage for the City to work with a company that only charges a contingency fee, because we did not know what results we would get when we started the project.” 
— Mayor Gary Graham, City of O'Fallon
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