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Village of Hawthorn Woods – A Brief Background

Formally incorporated in 1958, the Village of Hawthorn Woods possesses great history and tradition. With a population of approximately 7,700 across an area of nearly eight square miles, the Village maintains a close-knit community. However, Hawthorn Woods residents need not travel far for a big-city atmosphere, as the Village is located a mere 40 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.

Unique Layout of Village

The Village of Hawthorn Woods has a unique geographic layout featuring irregular boundaries with several small, unincorporated pockets. The Village also shares a zip code with Lake Zurich, Long Grove, and Kildeer, creating confusion among the its taxpayers. This unusual geographic layout caused general concern that the Village was not collecting all revenues from its tax sources.

“Azavar Government Solutions was highly recommended by our annual auditors, thanks to their clients’ favorable experiences with the organization.”

Kristin Kazenas, CFO/HR Director, Village of Hawthorn Woods

Village Hires Azavar Government Solutions for Comprehensive Audit

Because of its geographic irregularities, the Village sought a reputable revenue auditing firm to complete a comprehensive audit. Azavar Government Solutions was recommended, as they could use their software to create a universal list of addresses and address variants specific to the Village of Hawthorn Woods. The Board could then be assured that the Village was receiving all revenue owed from its taxing sources.

“From day one, we’ve been impressed by Azavar’s level of professionalism. The Village holds a very favorable view of Azavar, which truly understands municipal government and its accompanying challenges.”

Kristin Kazenas, CFO/HR Director, Village of Hawthorn Woods

Azavar Performs Comprehensive Audit

As part of the comprehensive audit, Azavar corrected several utility tax addresses, returning additional revenues to the Village. Azavar continues to work towards a settlement on uncollected taxes from the utilities in accordance with the firm’s contingent-fee agreement. Such a payment structure saves the Village time and resources, which can be allocated to other needs of the community.

“Azavar’s audit of ComEd, Nicor, and North Shore Gas had a significant impact on the Village’s utility tax revenues. Between the three utility companies, it was revealed that they had miscoded multiple addresses in their databases and were not collecting and remitting the taxes to the Village.”

Kristin Kazenas, CFO/HR Director, Village of Hawthorn Woods

Azavar’s Review Returns Significant Revenue

Azavar located all owed revenues, including small, miscellaneous ones scattered throughout the community. In total, the process returned over $8,000 per annum to the Village. Azavar’s culture is to ensure municipalities are getting all their revenues no matter how much may not be getting collected. This is reflected in the Azavar’s contingent fee model which provided no risk to the Village. Any returned revenues come out positively for the municipality. Having this comprehensive audit competed will prove beneficial should the Board find that it must request additional tax revenue from constituents.

“Their associates are knowledgeable, committed, approachable, and reliable, having exceeded our expectations of audit results. I highly recommend Azavar Government Solutions to other municipalities seeking an accurate, thorough collection of taxes and franchise fees.”

Kristin Kazenas, CFO/HR Director, Village of Hawthorn Woods

On Increasing Our Clients' Competitive Advantage...

“Azavar Government Solutions brought a one-of-a-kind and valuable service to Woodridge by auditing our utility taxpayers. They have been very successful in adding revenue to our rolls.” 
— William Murphy, Mayor , Village of Woodridge
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