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  • Maximizing Municipal Revenues

    Azavar Government Solutions' comprehensive utility audit services help municipalities like yours to ensure that they are receiving every penny they are due from taxes, franchise fees, and utility providers. We help you to achieve fairer and more accurate tax and fee collections in the future, as well as recovering past due taxes retroactively – allowing you to maintain a revenue platform anchored in accountability.

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  • Address Audits

    Are you sure that taxpayers and utility providers are using correct and up-to-date address information to collect and remit taxes and fees to your municipality? As a community grows, new land parcels are annexed, and new addresses are assigned, more and more errors may creep into taxpayers' records, causing you to miss out on valuable revenue.

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  • Utility Tax & Fee Audits

    Azavar Government Solutions' local government and utility experts conduct in-depth audits based on comprehensive data, even when findings will result in no fee to our firm. Our specialized software and tools can parse millions of pieces of data quickly and efficiently, we'll negotiate refunds with suppliers on behalf of your City, and we'll identify future savings and revenue opportunities.

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  • Cable Audits

    A comprehensive cable franchise audit is a highly specialized task. Our experts offer your staff a "hands-off" approach, using your data to conduct a full and clear analysis with our cutting-edge software – and we'll help you negotiate the most favorable terms for your municipality when your cable franchise comes up for renewal.

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  • Sales Tax Reviews

    Uncollected sales taxes are costing state and local governments $23 billion each year, according to recent estimates. Azavar Audit will help your municipality recoup its share of this lost revenue, identifying businesses that should be remitting sales or business license fees and taxes, and staying on top of community boundary changes and annexations through specialized address audits.

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  • Utility Bill Audits

    Your community is also one of the biggest customers of your utility franchisees – but are you paying too much on your utility bills? Azavar Government Solutions can help you track down errors in the charges levied on your municipality, checking account set-ups, contractual terms, equipment charges, fees, taxes, and other minutiae that your staff simply doesn’t have time to deal with. We'll also help you monitor your use of utilities to ensure the most cost-effective billing month-to-month.

    Root out billing errors and discover new cost efficiencies in your utility usage …

Our No-Risk Contingency Fee Policy

“It was a big advantage for the City to work with a company that only charges a contingency fee, because we did not know what results we would get when we started the project.” 
— Mayor Gary Graham, City of O'Fallon
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