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Address Audits

Address Audits – an Essential Means to Maximize Your Municipal Revenue

City managers across the country recognize that accurate and equitable collection of fees and taxes is the cornerstone of fair and responsible tax administration – but how do you know that utility providers are using correct and up-date address information to collect and remit the proper taxes and fees to your municipality?

Azavar Government Solutions undertakes address audits on behalf of communities like yours across the country:

  • checking the accuracy of the geographic data used by utility providers
  • rooting out address coding errors
  • working to recover past due tax income
  • helping you to maximize your municipal revenues.

Why Geographic Coding Errors May Infest Your Taxpayers' Records

As your residential population grows, new land parcels are annexed, and new addresses are assigned, a growing number of errors may creep into the data used by utility companies to calculate their payments. Most utilities do not use geographic information systems (GIS) to manage or code addresses, and information that is out-of-date or simply incorrect results in inaccuracies that may lie undetected for many years. As well as failing to collect appropriate fees and taxes, providers may actually be remitting them to another local government – causing your municipality to miss out on valuable revenue.

Tracking down errors like these is a daunting task for your staff. Not only does it mean analyzing huge quantities of information, but it may also be necessary to confront a service provider company and challenge the accuracy of their databases.

How Azavar Verifies the Accuracy of Address Data

Azavar Government Solutions has experience of conducting address audits for hundreds of municipalities, and has developed specialized geocoding software that parses and validates millions of pieces of data quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Not only will we find errors and work with utility providers to correct the information in their databases – we will help you develop an operating protocol for all future geographic changes, ensuring that notification records are maintained and that providers remain in compliance:

  • We use our proprietary software to standardize the format of databases provided by utility providers and your municipality.
  • We analyze this data to create the most complete possible address list for your community to find and verify coding errors lurking in utility providers' records – refining this by means of a manual review of all potential "exception addresses."
  • We work with providers to correct these errors and, if necessary, do our own field research to determine the accuracy of their responses to our analysis.
  • We verify that all revenues from incorrectly coded addresses are included in the tax or fee remittance to your municipality.
  • We report back on lost revenue and determine outstanding monies owed, including fees, interest and penalties, and we attempt to collect past sums due.
  • We work with your staff to ensure that proper controls are in place to prevent the future miscoding of addresses.

No More Guesswork – Verify Every Taxable Address In Your Community

In today's tough economic climate, it's never been more important to ensure that your utility providers are using complete and up-to-date address data to collect and remit accurate tax payments. That's why it makes sense to outsource your address audit with Azavar – helping you cope with pared-down budgets and deliver funding for your community development programs, infrastructure, and capital improvements.

City of O'Fallon testimonial

Sep 27, 2013, 19:44 PM
City of O'Fallon
Testimonial author:
Mayor Gary Graham
“It was a big advantage for the City to work with a company that only charges a contingency fee, because we did not know what results we would get when we started the project.”