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Cable Audits

Cable Franchise Audits

Is your municipality receiving all the franchise fees it is due from cable providers in your community?

Azavar Government Solutions has extensive experience in auditing cable providers on behalf of public organizations – ensuring that cable franchise fee revenue is being accurately assessed and appropriately remitted to your authority. Our team comprises contract specialists as well as full-time employees with backgrounds in telecommunications, urban planning, law, finance, and other relevant areas. Their specific expertise allows us to find creative solutions to auditing problems that can result in significant increases in municipal revenue – sometimes by 8% or more per year.

As well as searching for errors in current revenues, Azavar's auditing team will also determine past liabilities going back as far as allowed by current franchise agreements, applicable ordinances, and State and Federal Laws. And when your community's cable franchise comes up for renewal, we'll help you negotiate the most favorable terms for your municipality.

Let Azavar Take Over the Auditing Process

Conducting a comprehensive cable franchise audit is a highly specialized task, requiring technical skills and staffing resources that most municipalities simply do not have at their disposal. Azavar has mastered the process through the completion of hundreds of audits for our clients. It's a "hands-off" approach for your administrative team: we take your current data and revenue summaries and use our cutting-edge software solutions to complete a full analysis with very clear results.

Why Are There Errors in Cable Franchise Fee Revenues?

There are many reasons why errors can gradually creep into the calculation of franchise fees paid by cable subscribers.  There may be general accounting deficiencies due to changes in internal processes, information technology, and corporate management and ownership, and supplementary revenues from areas such as advertising or a home shopping network may have been omitted. Azavar will conduct a gross revenue audit to discover monies incorrectly remitted to your community, and we can assist in negotiating and collecting any past due sums.

Another common cause of error is incorrect address information. As well as causing mistakes in customers' cable bills, address database errors often result in franchise fee income being remitted to the wrong municipality. Azavar offers an optional geographic address verification audit to expose errors in the databases used by cable providers, using proprietary software and as well as human verification to analyze and compare data against comprehensive lists of addresses in your jurisdictions. We work with providers to research errors and correct those that are found to be valid, and we conduct investigations to determine that databases have been rectified.

Reclaiming Lost Revenue and Ensuring Future Compliance

Azavar Government Solutions uses legal research to determine and collect outstanding monies owed to your municipality.  These monies owed will include the fees, interest and penalties during the term of the franchise agreement, ordinance or the maximum allowed period of time under applicable law governing the statute of limitations pertaining to the specific contract. Once our audits are complete, we'll continue to work with you to make sure that appropriate controls are in place to prevent future miscoding of addresses.

Take Control of Your Cable Franchise Revenues

Let Azavar Government Solutions take charge of your cable franchise revenue audit to help your municipality find and recover missing payments and maximize your revenues going forward.

On Increasing Our Clients' Competitive Advantage...

“Azavar Government Solutions brought a one-of-a-kind and valuable service to Woodridge by auditing our utility taxpayers. They have been very successful in adding revenue to our rolls.” 
— William Murphy, Mayor , Village of Woodridge
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