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Maximizing Municipal Revenues

Maximizing Municipal Revenue

Your local government budgets are feeling the pinch of a slow economy, yet you're still under pressure to fund vital capital improvements, development programs, and infrastructure in your community. So how can you make sure that your municipality is receiving every penny it is due from taxes, franchise fees, and utility providers – and how can you maximize the effectiveness of that revenue?

Azavar Government Solutions provides comprehensive utility audit services that draw on our specialist expertise and cutting-edge technology to recover millions of dollars in unpaid revenue – based on collection errors that have sometimes gone back decades. Not only have we been able to recover past due taxes retroactively, but by identifying jurisdictional errors within taxpayer databases we are often able to assure more accurate tax and fee collections in the future.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Good Government

  • Equitable collection: it's the fiduciary duty of every municipality to make sure that taxes are collected evenly and fairly across all sectors of the community.
  • Accurate revenue: when income is misallocated or incorrectly assessed, local government has to compensate by raising tax rates or even levying new taxes. Revenue enhancement helps avoid placing an increased burden on taxpayers.
  • Good government: Locally elected officials, city managers, and finance directors are answerable to their community – letting taxpayers know where their funds are being spent and maintaining a revenue platform anchored in accountability.

Tell-Tale Signs That Your Municipality Is Missing Out on Revenues

Local government officials may suspect that their income is failing to keep up with community growth and business expansion – but, all too often, they lack the technical skill and manpower to identify the source of missing revenue. In your municipality, you may be aware of issues such as these:

  • Your municipal boundaries have changed.
  • You have gained new industrial businesses.
  • New residential housing is coming online after long completed land annexation.
  • You suspect you are overpaying for energy, cable, or telecommunications services.
  • You have disputes with the US Postal Service or the US Census Bureau about how they classify your community.
  • You already receive a large, regular tax or fee remittance from a utility provider, but it is unclear how that payment figure is being calculated.

How Azavar Government Solutions Can Help

Azavar Government Solutions has conducted hundreds of utility audits for municipalities in the Midwest and beyond – bringing the experience of their specialist auditing team, proprietary auditing tools and software, and the Azavar Expert Consultants Group of specialized subcontractors, each of whom is a nationally recognized expert in their field of utility analysis.

We specialize in uncovering missing revenues and identifying untapped opportunities for cost savings that can make all the difference to the budget crunch in your municipal finances:

  • We scrutinize your tax receipts, franchises, and utility bills, using our technology-based audit systems.
  • We seek out instances where money owed to your municipality has been incorrectly calculated, improperly collected, or remitted to the wrong authority.
  • We use geographic analysis and address matching to expose and correct the errors in address databases used by taxpayers – mistakes that may have lain dormant for years, leaching away your municipal revenues.
  • Our auditing team works retroactively, rooting out past errors that lead to refunds and also ensuring maximum, accurate revenue for the future.
  • We only work with municipalities – Azavar Government Solutions is not compensated by a utility provider, so there is no conflict of interest in our business operations.
  • We work on a contingency fee basis – our clients bear no up-front costs.

It's Time to Stop the Rot

It's not enough simply to be a good trustee of community funds. Professional staff and locally elected officials must always be asking whether their municipality is receiving every penny it is due from utility taxes and franchise fees, telecommunications taxes, and sales and excise taxes.

If you even suspect there may be a shortfall in your community's revenues, contact Azavar Government Solutions today and find out how our municipal audit program can revitalize your local government finances.

Our No-Risk Contingency Fee Policy

“It was a big advantage for the City to work with a company that only charges a contingency fee, because we did not know what results we would get when we started the project.” 
— Mayor Gary Graham, City of O'Fallon
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