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Utility Bill Audits

Utility Bill / Cost / Expense Audits

How can you reduce your costs to make sure your municipal budgets stretch even further?

Responsible management of local government finances involves making sure that your municipality receives every penny of utility fees and franchise tax income that it is due. But don't forget that your City is also the customer of many of these services. That's why Azavar Government Solutions includes a thorough review of your energy bills as part of a comprehensive utility audit program.

Azavar will help you monitor your expenses from the perspective of a franchise or taxing authority, acquiring and analyzing electronic data from energy and telecom providers to find errors and opportunities for savings. It's not uncommon for our clients to realize savings of as much as 15%, after errors have been corrected and rate schedules have been optimized.

Common Types of Errors in Your Utility Bills

Utility franchise fees are often paid in the form of free service to a municipality – but does the free electricity, gas, or other service to your municipal buildings actually equate to the value of the rights-of-way used by those utility providers to supply their customers?

This is just one example of how your utility bills may contain glaring errors that cause you to be overcharged. Other mistakes that can result in refunds include:

  • Errors in the initial account setup: we'll identify and investigate potential errors and review these with your staff and specialist members of our team.
  • Incorrect customer charges: we'll verify that all charges accurately reflect services provided.
  • Meter multipliers: we'll establish whether the correct multiplier has been applied to meter readings to determine actual energy use.
  • Billing inconsistencies with contractual terms: we'll check that the rates you are being charged comply with the terms of your agreements with providers.
  • Billing for equipment or service the City is not receiving: we'll make sure that your municipality is not being charged for services that are not used or needed.
  • Overcharges for regulatory charges or taxes: we'll ensure that you are paying the correct price by contract, tariff, and regulatory charges.

Maximizing Cost-Savings in Your Utility Bills

As well as finding and correcting errors in your billing, Azavar Government Solutions helps you review your use of utilities to ensure cost-effective billing on a monthly basis:

  • Equipment and services: we'll determine whether your municipality is receiving and using the equipment and services for which it is paying.
  • Cost-effective options: we'll ensure that your municipality is provided with better economical alternatives where appropriate
  • Demand charges and contracts: we'll verify demand charges and help you understand your load profile, so you can implement strategies to reduce your peak demand.
  • Rate management: We'll conduct rate analysis to determine the lowest-cost utility company rates for your municipality.

Rooting out errors in billing and finding cost efficiencies are essential strategies to help maximize your municipal revenues. At Azavar Government Solutions, we bring our clients peace of mind by allowing you to outsource your utility bill management on a month-to-month basis.

On Our Technology Expertise...

“Azavar is the only one that has the specialized software, resources, and knowledge to successfully audit each utility and recover the maximum revenue as they have in Roselle.” 
— Mayor Gayle A. Smolinski, Village of Roselle
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