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Utility Tax & Fee Audits

Utility Franchise and Tax Audits

Can you be sure that your municipality is receiving all its revenues from utility franchise fees and taxes?

Every local government understands the vital importance of maximizing revenues and reducing costs as a primary means to deliver funding for community development, infrastructure, and capital improvements in tough economic times. But accurate tracking of data-intensive revenue from utilities can be a nightmarish task for staff, and practical and logistical obstacles often impede their efforts.

Azavar Government Solutions provides the answer: a complete and comprehensive utility audit service offered on a fully contingent fee basis, featuring a thorough review of tax collections and franchise agreements, negotiation of refunds with suppliers, and recommendations for ongoing savings and revenue opportunities for your City.

Azavar's Long-Established Expertise and Experience in Maximizing Municipal Revenue

Azavar Government Solutions has conducted hundreds of audits for local governments across the country, returning millions of dollars in cost savings and revenue enhancement for those municipalities. We were the pioneers of geography-based utility audits in the state of Illinois, and we've developed specialized software and tools to parse millions of pieces of data quickly and efficiently – a task which few municipalities, if any, could handle for themselves.

Our process is designed not only to uncover and collect past due taxes and associated costs, but also to review and correct future billings and income. We also provide clients access to renowned local government and utility experts through our Expert Consultants Group – a unique business partnership and specialist knowledge resource. Azavar Government Solutions conducts complete audits, even when findings will result in no fee to our firm. And because we work exclusively with municipalities, we're able to deliver an unrivaled and beneficial service without concerns of conflicts of interest.

An In-Depth Audit Program Based on Comprehensive Data

Our goal is to reduce utility costs through review of your utility bills and to increase revenue through the review of tax collections and franchise agreements.  We'll identify and negotiate refunds with suppliers on behalf of your City and identify ongoing savings and revenue opportunities.

  • We'll review and analyze billings for energy, telecommunications, and garbage, as well as historical data for all types of utilities including streetlights, electric, cable, heating fuels such as natural gas, or other fuels. 
  • We'll use specialized auditing techniques to conduct a comprehensive analysis of billing information, we'll work with with utility providers on your behalf and with your authorization to obtain refunds and cost savings, and we'll report back to you with a summaries and complete documentation of our findings.
  • We'll conduct an audit of tax collections from various providers remitting taxes and franchise fees to you under City ordinances, including utility franchises, utility taxes and telecommunications taxes. 
  • We'll use our proprietary utility audit and Geographic Analysis software to review ordinances relating to taxes and discover whether any residents or businesses currently within municipal boundaries are missing from the utility provider's tax filings.
  • We'll examine available data from prior years for the allowable audit period to verify the completeness of the City's collection efforts and pursue the collection of missed revenues.

Trust – but Verify

Only a fully-fledged, comprehensive audit like this makes for equitable collection of fees and taxes across the board and ensures accurate computation of revenue owed. Azavar provides the answer to the key question that faces every local government manager or administrator: "Is your City getting every penny that it is due?"

Azavar Government Solutions enables municipalities such as yours to maximize your revenues, reduce your costs, and maintain a platform for location-based revenues anchored in accountability – each of them a fundamental principle of good government.

Our No-Risk Contingency Fee Policy

“It was a big advantage for the City to work with a company that only charges a contingency fee, because we did not know what results we would get when we started the project.” 
— Mayor Gary Graham, City of O'Fallon
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